A mix of technology, subject matter experts and content specialists, while we come from very diverse backgrounds we all share a passion for teaching, reading, travel, exotic food, cross functional roles and being recognized as leaders in our fields. group


group2 Our content team includes 3 actuaries, one architect (of the construction and civil engineering kind) and two social media experts. And that’s just the first set of our education. Half of the team has a second specialization. The content group also includes authors of 2 text books on risk, derivative pricing and entrepreneurship.


The Technology team overlaps with the content group and includes two adjunct faculty members who teach at local and regional E-MBA and Masters in Computer Science programs.  Their day job involves supporting a number of risk and treasury implementations on clients site that we still support from another life. group3

Team Profiles



Agnes Paul, FSA – Risk & Treasury, Subject Matter Expert

Agnes Paul is a Fellow Society of Actuaries (FSA), a diehard Broadway musical fan, a wannabe archeologist and the goto person when it comes to building models at FourQuants. She has the touch that takes a complex differential equation and turns it into a readable excel spreadsheet. She is the co-author of Risk Frameworks & Applications and an avid reader of everything we purchase for our library.


Uzma Salahuddin – Production, Content & Design

Everything you like about our site’s design and our publication is because of Uzma Salahuddin. Everything you hate is because of the few instances when we didn’t listen to her or she was travelling. While Agnes and Jawwad focus on producing hundreds of words an hour, Uzma ensures that they go out in the world in a readable form. With a first degree in Architecture followed by a second in Media Development, Uzma has edited everything we have produced. She is a perfectionist who has ensured that we put our best foot forward for the last seven years.


Fawzia Salahuddin (PMP) – Technology & Infrastructure

When it comes to technology, why things break, what we need to do to keep them running, we look to Fawzia. A Masters in Computer Science from FAST, Fawzia built and ran the team that wrote more than 6 products in the risk, treasury and portfolio management space at Alchemy Technologies. Fawzia is a PMP certified project manager and a member of the adjunct faculty team at the FAST NUCES City Campus.


Jawwad Farid, FSA – Risk & Treasury Subject Matter Expert

Jawwad is the reason why the rest of us don’t have regular, normal, relaxing, career enhancing, bonuses with six figures, jobs. He refuses to share any details about his background for this profile since at last count Google threw up 10+ pages of relevant results when we searched for his name. He enjoys teaching, trekking, reading, writing and corrupting young minds. When he is not doing any of the above you can generally find him at your nearest airport rushing to catch the flight before they close the counter.


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