FourQuants was created by a team of risk professionals with the objective of helping people learn, understand and apply financial concepts. The content has been sourced directly from our risk consulting practice focusing on:

    1. Risk management
    2. Derivatives products
    3. Option pricing models
    4. Basel and capital adequacy regulation
    5. Financial modeling
    6. Treasury products and risk

Courses are written from a practitioner’s point-of-view, providing bite-sized concepts and topics with detailed application-oriented cases. Course outlines for individual subjects and learning roadmaps for broader topic-based review are provided. If you are new to this field, start with the individual courses, such as Corporate Finance, Ratio Analysis, Credit Analysis. If you have spent some years in the field and would like to freshen up on a given topic walk through the Learning roadmaps. If you have been given an assignment and would like a practical model to work with and give you an edge, the Excel templates are for you.

A number of options are available, including:

  • Free on-line material
  • PDF downloads
  • EXCEL files and templates
  • Instructor led video courses, and
  • Quaterly subscription offer that provides access to all the material at one price.

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