Treasury Products and Operations – Learning Roadmap

The Treasury Group is a specialized function that exists within banks and large corporations. The group is responsible for a number of activities such as buying and selling of foreign exchange currencies in a centralized fashion; borrowing to meet liquidity requirements as well as lending and placing excess cash to ensure all resources are usefully deployed; and depending on how the treasury group is structured, the function may also be responsible for managing and growing the investment portfolio including bonds, shares and any other financial securities.

The functions are centralized because buying and selling currencies and borrowing and lending money require a certain skill set and infrastructure and rather than distributing it across an organization it is more efficient to create a dedicated group to support it.

In this course we aim to cover a selection of core treasury topics as well as certain application topics.


What are the prerequisites?

We begin by looking in detail at some concepts that will be referred to in the course. These include:

  • Duration and Convexity
  • Value at Risk
  • Calculating forward prices and forward rates
  • Building Maturity & Liquidity Profiles for Deposits and Advances


What topics are covered?

Once a review of the prerequisite topics has been covered you can now move on to the main course that covers an introduction to treasury operations and common terminology, liquidity management, calculating treasury profitability, derivative products, asset liability management tools, setting treasury risk limits, etc:

  • Treasury operations
  • Setting Limits
  • ALM Crash Course
  • Derivatives crash course

This course is followed by a video course that presents a framework for empowering client facing treasury teams to go out and cross sell high value, high margin trading concepts to clients. They do this by educating customers about their exposures and by presenting a range of available solutions that would help reduce the risk associated with these same exposures.


What are the additional topics I can read up on?

It is useful to learn from the mistakes made by others. The recent financial crisis of 2008, provides valuable insights into the liquidity risks financial institutions are exposed to and the measures that are taken to manage and mitigate those risks:

  • Liquidity Risk Management Case Studies

Price volatility in crude oil, gold, silver, cotton, sugarcane, wheat and cereals has created an unprecedented opportunity for corporate relationship managers to cross sell treasury products to their institutional, trading, manufacturing and high net worth customers. It is important to understand the interrelationship between these commodities. One useful tool that enables us to do this is:

  • Correlation

There are a number of measures that risk or investment managers may need for evaluating the market risk inherent in their portfolios or when making decisions on asset selection, portfolio allocation and portfolio optimization. We review the methodologies of some of these measures in the following topic:

  • Market Risk Metrics

We present a case study for a risk management framework for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry focused on managing crude oil price volatility:

  • Case-study: Risk for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry


Related Video Courses

  • Cross Selling Treasury Products
  • Selling Derivatives Products
  • Setting Limits
  • Calculating VaR


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    Financial Modeling Course Participant
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    First Gulf Bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE


    I have attended a number of training courses conducted by Alchemy technologies. Broadly, the areas covered have been Financial Risk Management aspects, Basel II implementation in Pakistan, as well as product knowledge for relatively new products in the our market for instance Financial Derivatives. As trainers, Mr. Jawwad Farid and his team bring in a wealth of conceptual knowledge entwined with their own professional experiences, adapting and honing it to our local market needs. The training courses are very informative and are delivered in a witty and energetic manner. The learning needs of the participants are kept in focus, and they are kept involved by interactive discussions and queries. Personally, I have always left these sessions with a much better understanding and grasp over the subjects delivered, which has helped me professionally.”

    Senior Manager & Team Leader
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    “Jawwad Farid has admirably led the training piece on the Treasury side covering Treasury risk, Treausury products, Derivatives (basic & Advanced), Fixed income securities (Basic & Advanced) and ALM training modules. Jawwad in our opinion is an “Outstanding Senior Trainer” who has deep subject matter knowledge and an uncanny ability to keep the participants engaged in the training process. So far our clients have expressed maximum level of satisfaction in Jawwad’s capability to deliver high value training programs, that have tangibly enhanced their staff’s skill sets.

    Based on our direct more than satisfactory experience, Jawwad’s otherwise exceptional track record on the training side with over 90 technical skill building courses in South Asia, Middle Eastern and Far Easterm markets, we have no hesitation in strongly recommending Jawwad Farid for the training that for participants based out of Malaysia or the adjoining Far Eastern Markets.”

    Mohammad Nasr Ullah
    Principal Consultant
    Consultnomics, FZE


    I have loved each and every workshop from Alchemy. The workshops are extremely helpful in removing queries about Derivatives Pricing, Basel & Regulatory issues. I feel attending the workshops have added value to my knowledge and expertise. Moreover, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable on the subject area and ensures that each candidate returns with similar knowledge and expertise.

    Senior Vice President
    Allied Bank"

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